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Visualize Your Dream Space, Starting With Floor Plan

The best All-in-One 3D design tool to make your spaces come alive.

From Accurate 2D Drawings to Visually Realistic 3D Floor Plans

Simply drag, drop and click to create your home design plan in minutes. Whether you are a design enthusiast or a beginner, Coohom will help you easily complete the accurate drawing and stunning effects preview, 3D interior design has never been easier like this!

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Fast & High-quality Visualization

In Coohom, you can get unlimited 4K+ high-quality picture renderings and even online fast 1080P video renderings and immersive panorama renderings. Our advanced rendering engine brings your designs to life with stunning realism in seconds.

1,000,000+ Vivid 3D Models

Coohom provides a very rich model selection for your design, covering a variety of style models such as indoor and outdoor furniture, decorations, kitchen and bathroom, lighting, etc., to solve your various needs in actual design scenarios.

Many popular brand models in the design world are authorized for use in Coohom, all 1,000,000+ model catalogs to facilitate your design.

Millions of designers are thrilled about this swap for tools like SketchUp, Revit, and Houzz — and you will be too.


Upgrade and Get Stunning CGI Solution to Boost Your Project at Scale

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