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Get Paid Every New Sale

30%+ commission for every new order
3000+partners have joined and start earn
$2,000 is withdrawn for average weekly income

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Why Promote Coohom?



Get 30%+ commission for every new sale you make


Last-click Attribution

Benefit from last-click attribution and 30 days of cookie lifetime


Promotional Materials

Use Coohom’s exclusive and complete creative library for promotion


Dedicated Team

Our experienced affiliate managers are here to support 


On-time Payments

Receive monthly payments on time for the customers you refer


How to Start Your Affiliate to Earn?

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Apply to Join

Register as a partner (free and fast), as long as you know Coohom or know how to sales Coohom!

Share your promotional link

After successful registration, you will get an exclusive affiliate link, share it with anywhere you think you may get new Coohom customers!

For every new visitor to your affiliate link who pays, you will receive a 30% commission! We will provide a dashboard for you to view data and withdraw money in time.

We Are a Perfect Match What If You Are..

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Create your own social media account and have some followers waiting for you to update? Have good content hotspot sensitivity? Join us

Blogger/KOL/Content Creator

Adam Caar

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If you have strong ability to use design tools, work in real estate-related industries, or have knowledge of architectural design, you are exactly what we need!

Interior Designer/Real Estate Related Practitioners ⟶

Adam Caar


Want to incorporate Coohom into daily training and teaching? Please contact us for additional educational offers and benefits

Educational Institution or Online Trainer ⟶

Adam Caar

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If you don't match others, just feel interest in Coohom, please join! We believe we can grow together. Hobby is the best catalyst!

People who like Coohom and want to earn ⟶

Adam Caar

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Don’t know Coohom and design things, but can find Coohom matching audiences through your own marketing capabilities? What are you waiting for?

Marketers or Agency ⟶

Why Do Top Affiliates Choose Us?

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Adam Caar


Join Coohom Affiliate with other 300+ KOLs to earn $2000+ weekly

"Over the past few months, I've managed to earn weekly fix income from Coohom Affiliate. It's been a great trip! The dashboard is transparent and very easy to use. I have access to a great team who are ready to help me, increasing my income every day."

Aminae el, Nigerian YouTube KOL

  • How do I apply to become a Coohom Affiliate partner?
    Please click here to apply. Please fill in the relevant information carefully to ensure that the site link is authentic and valid. We will review it.
  • Where can I get my Affiliate link?
    After you successfully join the Coohom Affiliate Program, you will receive an email notification. Click the email to enter the Affiliate management background, and click "create a link" to create.
  • How do I view statistics?
    After you successfully join the Coohom Affiliate Program, you will receive an email notification. Click the email to enter the Affiliate management backend. Your promotion data will be on the homepage, including clicks on your links, recharges, and commissions.
  • How do I withdraw my commission?
    You can transfer money via bank card or receive payment via PayPal.
  • Does the Affiliate Program have any other promotional reward programs?
    If you have a large traffic or fan influence, we can provide benefits for your customers or subscribers, please contact us directly if you need to. And we will provide creative rewards for promoters/article creators/video authors with certain quality or influence, to help you get in touch with and promote Coohom better. Coohom promotions that have formed a certain influence have the opportunity to obtain additional commission rewards.
  • How to join as a reseller of Coohom?
    If you are a marketing specialist/regional agent/industry expert/business owner, welcome to apply to become a Coohom reseller! You will become a authorized reseller for Coohom personal/business solutions in your area! Unlock high commission income, rich Coohom benefits and more enterprise-level cooperation opportunities. Please apply here.

Have more questions? Contact Us.

Your Income is Our Top Priority

Become a part of our win-win trip
Discover boundless opportunities and earn
30%+ commission on every order

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