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Coohom: The Best 2020 Design Alternative


Higher Quality Rendering


✔ Comprehensive 3D Models


✔ More Affordable Price

Advantages of Coohom over 2020


1,000,000+ 3D Models

Coohom boasts an impressive collection of over 1,000,000 diverse models for interior design which are nearly 200 times of the number of models in 2020.

From furniture to lighting fixtures, from decorations to wallpapers, our extensive selection offers limitless possibilities to create unique and exquisite interior design concepts. Whether you're seeking a modern, traditional, or any other style of interior design elements, we have got you covered.


Seamless 3D Visualization

Compared with the 2020, coohom's advanced rendering engine brings your designs to life with stunning realism.

Experience the power of high-quality 3D visuals, allowing you to explore every detail from different angles for an immersive design experience. The fancy images can boost your business significantly.

Group 185780_edited.png

Flexible Design Customization

Coohom offers a comprehensive suite of design customization tools, enabling you to effortlessly experiment with various materials, textures, colors, and lighting effects.

Achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, tailoring every element to meet your exact specifications.

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Create More Vivid Designs With Coohom

Coohom Basic

Free use with limited functions


✔ Free of Tool Usage

✔ Limited 1K Normal Image Renderings (Front view & Top view)


Most Popular

Coohom Pro

Advanced Plan with more features


✔ Unlimited Renderings in 8K

✔ 20 Video Renderings Per Month

✔ Access to Branded Model Library

✔ Downloadable Bill of Materials

✔ Custom Watermark


Top Plan

KING version for personal designers


✔ Online Parametric Model Editor - Kitchen Cabinet, Custom Furniture

✔ Advanced Services

✔ Marketing and E-Commerce Integration


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