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Envision Your Home’s Future, Starting With Floor Plan

The Best All-in-One 3d design tool to make your home design come true

From Accurate 2D Drawings to Visually Realistic 3D Floor Plans

Simply drag, drop and click to create your home design plan in minutes. Whether you are a professional designer or a beginner, Coohom will help you easily complete the accurate drawing and stunning effects preview, 3D interior design has never been easier like this!

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Floor Plan Real-Time Editing & Abundant Customization Options

Coohom provides you with real-time home design and customization options, and provides you with an abundant model library of millions. Whether you are selecting furniture, adjusting layout, or changing materials, you can customize and modify it instantly, helping you to easily create a unique home design plan.

Realistic 3D Home Design Effect Preview

Coohom stands out for our realistic 3D effect preview. Through high-fidelity rendering technology, lightning-fast 3D rendering is used to create realistic visual effects, halping you to experience the color and light effects of the home in three dimensions, see the details of furniture and decorations, and help you better understand the design plan. appearance and decorative effect.

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With virtual tours and interactive navigation capabilities, Coohom lets you explore and experience the spaces you design in an immersive way. You can roam freely in the floor plan through simple operations, switch perspectives in real time, feel different spatial atmospheres, and deeply understand and evaluate every detail of the design plan.

360°Virtual Tour & Interactive Navigation

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As Advanced 3D Home Design Tool We Are Helping Global Designers to Achieve Perfect Floor Plans

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Flexible Design Community

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​Abundant 3D Model Library

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Upgrade and Get Stunning CGI Solution to Boost Your Project at Scale

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