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10x your productivity with  all-in-one 3D design tool.

From floorplan to 3D modeling, contruction drawing and high-quality visualizations, create stunning design projects that wow your clients with the power of COOHOM.


Over 10,000,000 designers & leading brands worldwide are using! 

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More design capabilities.
Effortless ease-of-use.

Generate 2D & 3D Floorplans with Coohom

With Coohom's floor planner, adding walls, doors, and windows is a breeze. This intuitive tool allows you to create the basic structure and layout of your space with ease and precision.

Our Happy Users

“I love the video templates the most. It has helped showcase my work to clients in a very interesting way. The fast rendering times are also a huge plus as I can make corrections super quickly and share them with my clients. Unlike other software I have used that take me a long time, Coohom has cut down my work time by at least a week.

Rahama L., Showroom Assistant

Bring your designs to the next level

No credit card required - Instant access

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