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1,000,000 3D Model Services All-Inclusive

Massive high-quality models, intuitive All-in-One design tool, and precise 3D solution make your designs stand out

Accurate 3D Modeling with Amazing All-In-One Visual Display

Coohom provides a very rich model selection for your design, covering a variety of style models in various aspects such as indoor and outdoor furniture, architecture, decorations, kitchen and bathroom, lighting, etc., to solve your various needs in actual design scenarios.

Many popular brand models in the design world are authorized for use in Coohom, all 1,000,000+ model catalogs to facilitate your design

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Abundant 3D Model Library in Coohom All-in-One Design Tool

The Coohom model section not only provides beautiful models, but also gives them abundant functions. You can use mockups to plan and layout your space and try out different placements to better understand the design effect. This provides great convenience and inspiration for your work.

Real-time Project Editing and Realistic Model Material Replacement

Coohom also focus on providing high-quality model materials. From wood to metal, from cloth to leather, our models are available in a wide range of materials to satisfy your pursuit of detail and texture.

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Through advanced rendering technology, models appear realistic in the scene, allowing you to better preview the final effect. This way, you can feel more confident in the design process and share a more authentic visual experience with your clients.

Integrate the Model into Visual Plan for Wonderful Presentation

Your Designs are not One Size Fits All, and Neither is Our 3D Model Library

A weekly Featured Model theme designed to give you weekly inspiration!

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Upgrade and Get Stunning CGI Solution to Boost Your project at Scale

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