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Coohom - The Best SketchUp Alternative

Coohom is the complete 3D modeling solution for architects, designers, and everyone in between. With its powerful tools and features, coohom can help you bring your ideas to life


Coohom offers Advanced Realism

Coohom offers 3D visualization, it can give you more advanced realism, especially for professionals. With Coohom's 3D visualization magic, you're not just creating designs, you're experiencing them.

Coohom Visualization


Coohom’s Unique Advantages




3D Models in Public Library

All-in-one 3D design tool

Personal designers first choice

Coohom takes pride in our comprehensive model library, curated to meet the diverse needs of designers and creatives. This vast collection serves as a treasure trove of resources, all available for free, opening up a world of possibilities for your design projects.

Coohom is revolutionizing the design industry with its all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates the entire design process, from concept creation to stunning rendering. With Coohom, designers can bring their ideas to life without the need for multiple software or tools.

Coohom is trusted by thousands of designers on the planet.  And Coohom isn't just a platform; it's your companion in the design universe. It's where experts gather, where businesses thrive, and where aesthetics meet functionality.

Find models you like!

Say Bye to shifting around!

Share ideas with designers world around!

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Create More Vivid Designs With Coohom

Coohom Basic

Free use with limited functions


✔ Free of tool usage

✔ Unlimited 1k Normal Image(Front view&Top view)


Most Popular

Coohom Pro

$180 a year after a 7-day free trial


✔ Unlimited Renderings in 8K

✔ 20 Video Renderings Per Month

✔ Downloadable bill of materials

✔ Custom Watermark

✔ Access to branded model library


Top Plan

KING version for personal designers


✔ Online Parametric Model Editor - Kitchen Cabinet, Custom Furniture

✔ Advanced Services

✔ Marketing and E-Commerce Integration


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